Forms & Information

All of the Village of Strasburg forms can be found below. If you have a specific question regarding a particular form, please contact the Village Administrator or call the Department associated for more information.

Ordinance Information

Municipal Regulations
Animal Regulations
Parking Regulations
Subdivision Regulations
Golf Cart Regulations
Title Works
Trash Recycling Ordinance
Street/Sidewalk/Junk Vehicle
Nuisance Regulations

Tusc. County Health Dept.

2019 1st Qtr. Newsletter
2019 TCHD Impact

Strasburg Traffic Study

2021 Strasburg Traffic Study

Zoning Information

Zoning Application
Zoning Map
Zoning Ordinance
Voluntary Statement Form


Grandview Union Cemetery

Water Information

Water Confidence Report

Solicitor's Forms

Solicitors License Application

Elec. & Natural Gas Aggr. Program

Franklin Township Agr. Program
AEP Budget/AMP Billing